House & Commercial Cleaning in Wellington

Our cleaning services can be scaled up and down to meet both commercial and domestic standards in terms of budget and the number of cleaners required. We are big enough to clean an entire corporate building and small enough to vacuum a one-bedroom apartment.

House Cleaners Wellington

Cleaning a fully furnished home can be challenging, but nor for our experts who have been doing this for years, every day. We can clean without moving your furniture and reach areas where regular vacuums can’t. From carpets to upholstery, floors to lofty ceilings and outdoors, we can arrange a suitable cleaning type your property needs.

We deploy local house cleaners of Wellington to attend to urgent call-outs and ensure fast turnaround. Rest assured that our cleaners undergo a mandatory training routine before taking up their first cleaning job. This enables them to minimise errors and maximise results.

Commercial Cleaning Wellington

We solve some of the biggest cleaning challenges faced by commercial building owners. Here’s how:

  • We send out the same cleaning experts to service your property, which means you don’t have to show them around your office every time they come over to clean.
  • We eliminate the need to manage in-house cleaning staff, which is a big relief for you and your accounts team.
  • You pay only for the days we clean your office, and you’ll never have to worry about staff calling in sick.
  • We offer various packages to choose from: daily, weekly, one-off or any bespoke cleaning arrangement that suits you.

Give us a call today to book an appointment in advance, and we’ll make sure you have a team of local cleaners at your doorstep when you need them.


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