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Searching for the Best Home & Commercial Cleaning Company in South Auckland?

Getting a good cleaning service in South Auckland is hard. We’ve all gone through the seemingly never-ending process of checking the flyers left on our door, Google, your friends’ references, the Yellow Pages, and even Amazon, looking to get something that fits our requirements

Knowing what companies have good customer care, charge fair prices for their service, do thorough cleanings, and are legitimate can seem impossible. We’ve been there and we know exactly how exasperating the process is. That is why we created Express Home and Office Cleaning. South Auckland deserved a good cleaning service and we decided that we were the ones to do it.

Efficient Cleaning Service in South Auckland

The first step to any great cleaning starts with the cleaner. Most cleaning companies make use of part time contractors; therefore they are not properly trained. It is impossible to clean numerous homes every day and deliver an impressive job that leaves clients happy without adequate training. The art of home cleaning requires knowledge of how to properly sanitize and clean all the surfaces in a home.

Express Home and Office Cleaning, is a company based on business owners. Our cleaners are properly trained, fully uniformed and carry products that are safer and environmentally friendly. We have used these products successfully in the homes of thousands of clients. All of our staff is background checked and vetted and we employ highly personable people. They are also fully insured. Most cleaning services cannot boast of this.

Hopefully, you’re starting to like what you see and might be thinking about scheduling your first cleaning with us.

Our Professional Approach to Customer Service

We believe that the only way to grow our business is to have a professional service that everyone respects and loves. For this reason, we are always professional in all our dealings always keeping in mind the needs of everyone of our clients.

We take pride in returning emails and calls in the shortest possible time. In fact, we believe that our response times are the fastest for any cleaning service in South Auckland. We put ourselves in your shoes and know that every second counts in this city.

We know how long it can take to find a great cleaning service you like, only to discover they don’t show up on time or never return your calls or emails. Not us. We work very hard to make our service as simple to use and pleasant as possible

Express Home & Office Cleaning

Regular Cleaning in South Auckland

Regular home and office cleaning is a tough, thankless job, but somebody’s got to do it. Do you really want it to be you?

In today’s fast paced world, we hardly have time for the things we enjoy, let alone cleaning a home or office. You come back home very tired after a hard day at work and the last thing on your mind is cleaning your home or apartment. Let the professional cleaning staff at Express Home and Office Cleaning Auckland free up your evening and give you more time to relax and explore.

We provide the best home, apartment and office cleaning service in South Auckland. Our franchisees are experienced cleaning professionals whose aim is to ensure you get a clean and healthy environment you’ll enjoy.

And most importantly, our cleaning services are guaranteed. Our regular cleaning services include:

  • Bathroom and kitchen cleaning
  • Bed changing
  • Cobweb removal
  • Dishes
  • Dust cleaning
  • General room cleaning
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Refrigerator cleaning
  • Surface polishing

Spring Cleaning in South Auckland

Express Home and Office Cleaning Auckland specializes in one time spring cleaning services. Our Spring Cleaning service is perfect for a one time deep cleans and can happen any time of the year.

Our experienced spring cleaners will reach all the hidden and hard to reach areas and your dull rooms will become bright. Plus, with the Express Home and Office Cleaning Auckland Guarantee, you can rest easy, knowing that the job will be done right. If reliability and quality are what you’re searching for, Express Home and Office Cleaning Auckland is your answer.

Our spring cleaning services include cleaning equipment, supplies and vacuum at no added cost. With us, you are assured of an excellent, stress free job. Our Spring Cleaning South Auckland services will include:

  • Dust and clean the ceiling fan and light fittings.
  • Windows washing- This is a supervised clean.
  • Dust down the ceiling and corners of walls.
  • Spot cleaning of walls.
  • Cleaning of all surfaces, appliances, cupboards
  • Cleaning of toilets, basins, baths, showers, taps etc.
  • Dusting, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming of the floors.
  • All equipment and cleaning materials are provided by us.

Office Cleaning South Auckland

Office cleaning services are quite different from other types of cleaning services; there are many different factors that come into play. First, an office space will need to be cleaned frequently because offices have more people. Also, because offices strive to create a good impression on any client visiting, it has to always be spick and span.  Whatever your reason, having a clean work environment is a must, so it is just as important to work with the right office cleaning company. Our staff is trained to thoroughly clean your office as efficiently and quietly as possible, so as not to disturb your employees, if cleaning must be done during office hours.


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