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Office Cleaning Auckland

Today, it is mandatory for commercial businesses to maintain a sanitary and clean office environment. In addition to providing a healthy and safe place of work for your employees, the cleanliness of your office is also a marked reflection of your business for visitors, colleagues and clients.

At Express Home and Office Cleaning, we know how important it is to maintain a high level of cleanliness in your office and office building. Our office cleaners have been cleaning offices around Auckland for years. We understand that your office cleaning needs might be unique and different from that of other commercial buildings in town. We also know that you want an agency you can trust perfectly with your office cleaning needs.

We provide a full range of office cleaning services for Auckland corporations, businesses and small companies which everyone has come to love using because of our top notch cleaning service, excellent customer service and low monthly rates. We are widely recognized as one of the best office cleaning agencies in Auckland. Express Home and Office Cleaning gives a wide range of options for all your commercial cleaning needs.

Commercial Office Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Our professional office cleaning service entails day to day janitorial duties like mopping of floors, washing of interior windows, pickup of trash, maintenance of the bathroom, mopping of floors and vacuuming. Our charges vary and depend on the number of monthly services and frequency of cleaning. We have daily or weekly office cleaning services

Our services include;

  • Sweeping of debris
  • Disposal of trash
  • Buffing, cleaning and maintaining waxed floors
  • Washing of glass doors and interior windows
  • Vacuuming and mopping of common walkways using rinse-free PH-neutral cleaner
  • Dusting and cleaning desktops
  • Maintenance of bathrooms by scrubbing stalls and sinks, disinfecting and polishing mirrors, urinals, sinks and toilets and replenishing consumables.
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Local Office Cleaning that Companies in Auckland Trust

At Express Home and Office Cleaning, we understand that you don’t have enough time to run a business and clean the office yourself. We also understand that the first impression a client gets of a business matters the most, especially in Auckland. Because of this, we do our best to ensure that our cleaning service helps our clients make a lasting positive impact. We do not want to leave a negative impression on their customers caused by mud on the floor or an improperly cleaned stained glass. Here at Express Home and Office Cleaning, we are better than other Auckland commercial office cleaning companies because we provide the best janitorial service backed by an excellent customer satisfaction guarantee.

We go far and beyond the call of duty by providing more than the usual office cleaning jobs offices in Auckland are used to. Sometimes, our clients need more services from us, and we can provide these services for them. E.g. if you want to clean after a renovation, Express Home and Office Cleaning has the equipment and staff that are capable of handling those services perfectly. We provide quality services and we are flexible enough to meet the unique needs of every client, which is why many offices and businesses choose us handle their cleaning.

Local companies feel secure when working with us as we are fully licensed and insured to protect their properties and equipment from damage or theft. Sometimes, our clients prefer that we stay away from certain areas of a workplace. If you require this, you can be sure that our workers will not touch those areas.

Express Home and Office Cleaning Services Make The Difference

We have examined conventional methods of cleaning and have established new office cleaning methods. We have improved our cleaning methods to ensure that our focus is on removing any contaminant from your work or office environment, rather than spreading them around. We understand that a healthy, clean office environment makes your staff happy and healthy. This makes them more productive, which makes your business better overall.

Get Clean and Healthy Offices in Auckland

We specialize in providing the best office cleaning services possible. Our goal is to give our clients unrivaled cleaning services so as to enable them focus more on their business. We achieve this by creating cleaning services that are bespoke and that perfectly accommodate their office cleaning needs. Auckland businesses smell fresher and feel more congenial and comfortable due to our cleaning services.

It doesn’t matter whether you need us for a routine weekly janitorial duty for e.g. refuse disposal, mopping of floors, cleaning of window cleaners or for a tailormade one-off cleaning service for small offices, we will work with you to develop the best solution.

Office cleaners at Express Home and Office Cleaning provide the following:

  • We create unique services tailor-made for each of our clients, so they only pay for the services they need.
  • We can drastically reduce the carbon footprint of your office building.
  • We offer a broad range of specialist cleaning services like window cleaning and carpet cleaning.
  • We use natural, safe, non-toxic and efficient cleaning products.
  • We maintain all office types during the day or after hours depending on what you need.
  • All members of our cleaning company perform security checks as a standard procedure so you can be sure that we are people that are trustworthy.
  • We believe that everyone is entitled to a safe, clean and healthy environment while working. And this is what we have at the back of our minds as we carry out our cleaning services.
  • We are specialists in office cleaning solutions.
  • We have well-trained office cleaning professionals in our team who are skilled at Quality Management systems and OH&S. We are flexible and can adapt to all your requirements.

How our Office Cleaning Service works:

Once you request a quote, we will arrange through our Business Development Manager, to meet with you at your office to understand your cleaning needs.

We’ll develop a proposal with a cleaning plan designed specifically for you.    

If you wish to proceed, we will allocate you a site supervisor who will initiate our cleaning staff into your office building and make sure that they understand all that needs to be done.

After that, we are open to further communication and with the support of the Operations Manager and your Area Manager.

Our fee varies and is determined by various factors such as how often our services are needed and the area of the space you want us to clean. Contact us today to get a free quote. With us, you are sure to enjoy a fresher, cleaner office space in Auckland.


For West Auckland, North Shore & Central Auckland Call : 0800 112 193For South Auckland Call : 020 4135 2726