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Are you a tenant leaving your rented home or are you a landlord that wants to rent your property to new tenants? Make use of our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service in Auckland.

What attracts tenants to a property available for rent? What makes it easy for you to leave your rented home and get your full deposit? Cleanliness. Yes, absolute cleanliness attracts people. You do not need to stress yourself. Just get the best End of Tenancy Cleaning Service in Auckland.

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As a landlord that wants to get new tenants, keeping your property clean will attract potential tenants and make it attractive to rent. Tenants will feel their monthly rental payments are justified and they will also want to continue the tradition of keeping the property neat and clutter free.

Move Out Cleaning Services in Auckland

When moving out of a property that you rented, a very important part of the moving process is the tenancy cleaning. Spending money on a professional cleaning service will get the property back to top notch look and will ensure that you get your deposit back without any stress.

We have worked with a lot of top real estate and letting agents in Auckland and we understand their requirements perfectly. Express Home and Office Cleaning provides professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Service across Auckland at affordable prices.

Our Cleaning Service is Perfect For: 

Landlords: As a property owner, you must do all you can to ensure that your property looks pristine and highly presentable. First impressions matter the most and we can keep your property looking more desirable than any other property on the market.

Tenants: Tenancy agreements state that renters should leave properties looking clean and clutter free in order to get their deposit back. We can be of help here. While you are on the hunt for a new home or planning a moving process, we’ll take care of your rented home and ensure that it is looking perfect so that you get can your full money back.

Leasing Agencies: Our vast experience has taught us that long term business relationships benefit us the most. You can be sure that we will tackle your cleaning with the maximum professionalism needed. We take great pride in our work and we always do a great job.

Advantages Of Using Our End Of Tenancy Auckland Cleaning Service

At Express Home and Office Cleaning, we aim to be the best tenancy cleaning service. The list of advantages that follows shows what you get when you use our cleaning service in Auckland.

Professional and Experienced Staff:  All our tenancy cleaners are professionally trained.

Guarantee: if your landlord is not happy with our service, we will reclean the property for FREE.

Affordability: Our prices are affordable and reasonable.

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We take care of every area of the property, including bedrooms, stairs, landings, kitchen, living rooms, hallways and bathrooms.

Bedroom Cleaning: Most people don’t really use their bedrooms until its night. During the day, particles of dust settle, and then when you come in to sleep, these particles get disturbed. They become airborne as you fall asleep and you inhale them, which can cause allergies. These particles also hide in and grow in hard to reach corners of your bedroom. We will clean the bedroom thoroughly to get rid of these particles. All walls will be wiped clean of dust and cobwebs, carpets and curtains will be vacuumed, wardrobes and bedside cabinets will be polished and windows will be cleaned. If you desire, you can also opt for a Full steam cleaning option to get a cleaner bathroom. Cleaning your bedroom this way will make it perfect for you as you move in, or perfect for your landlord as you move out.

Stairs, landing and Hallway Cleaning: These areas will gather dust and dirt more than any other area as they are always in use. We will mop these areas thoroughly and wipe all switches, sockets and walls. This is the first place that will be seen when entering the property and we understand how important it is to ensure a good first impression.

Kitchen Cleaning: Everything is totally cleaned in the kitchen. We focus on the extractor fan and the Baked-on Grime and Grease in the oven.  We Steam Clean the oven as it kills all bacteria and is the best way to remove the Grime and Grease. All utensils and appliances are cleaned, floors are mopped and all the sides are wiped down.

Living Room Cleaning: This is the major place where everyone gathers to dine, play games, watch movies and TV and to socialise. During our End of Tenancy Auckland Cleaning Service, we clean the carpet and all soft furnishings, hard furniture is polished, windows are cleaned and if required, the carpet and upholstery is steam cleaned and any hard floor is polished.

Bathroom Cleaning: The bathroom is the room that is used the most in a house or apartment. It is easy for bacteria to grow here because of water. Everything here will be disinfected using the right disinfectants and steam cleaning method. The best way to kill all bacteria in the bathroom and make it germ-free is by steam cleaning. We use the best chemicals available to ensure that there is no water residue or lime scale. All fittings and taps will be left shining.

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You can also call us on 0800 693 977 and get answers to all your questions and book a visit from our end of tenancy cleaning team at a time convenient for you.


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