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Home & Office Cleaning Hamilton South

Do you hate coming home from a long day at work and seeing a pile of chores that have yet to be done? Fear no more! Express Home and Office Cleaning Hamilton South is at your service. We believe that a clean home is a healthy and happy home. At Express Home and Office Cleaning Hamilton South we help you with all your cleaning needs so you can spend your time doing what you love!

Our main priority is to look after all of our customers with care, meet their cleaning requirements and exceed any expectations. We pride ourselves in providing an efficient and thorough cleaning service. We are happy to do one off jobs or visit your place regularly, the choice is yours!

Among these services we also are happy to help organise your cupboards, clean your garage as well as other a range of other services.

With Express Home and Office Cleaning Hamilton South we are also happy to put together package deals to suit your cleaning needs.

We provide free quotes so call us now on 0800 693 977 !

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Services we offer:

Kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, wiping down surfaces or mopping the floors, Express Home and Office Cleaning are the right people for the job. You can trust us to leave your home in a better condition than you had left it. We also understand that you are trusting us to come into your home, and so we assure you that we will not let you down!

At Express Home and Office Cleaning, we recognize that in your rental agreement there may be a clause that requires you to have the premises cleaned before you evacuate. Express Home and Office Cleaning Hamilton South is happy to help with this to ensure you receive your bond back!

Commercial and office spaces need to be cleaned to a high standard in order to comply with the New Zealand Health and Safety regulations. You can count on us to come early in the morning or after hours to ensure that your office space is sparkling!

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